How you can change the server URL for GIT repository

Assume that your remote origin (repository server URL) is:  and you want to replace it with .

Command to check your current origins:

You will be able to see the origins for both fetch and push operations:

Command to change the GIT repository origin:

That’s it. You now successfully relocated your repository pointing to the new server.

How to restore the deleted local file from GIT repository

It is very simple to get the locally deleted file in a git repository. Make sure that you are not committed any changes.

Suppose you deleted the file: myfolder/my_deleted_file.txt  accidentally and you want to retrieve the file from the server.

Execute the following command:

That’s it. Your file is now restored to the folder.

Tips to change your MySQL Procedure through command shell

Drop your procedure before modifications

There is no alter command like table alter in mysql for modifying your MySQL procedure code. So you have to drop your procedure and then create the same procedure for altering your procedure. To drop the procedure, execute the following line of code in your command shell:

Note: Mysql ALTER PROCEDURE can be used to change the characteristics of a stored procedure only, not the parameters or body of the procedure.

Change the delimiter

Normally body of the procedure consists of semicolons (;) for the end of the line (statement). To execute the procedure as a single statement, you have to change the delimiter for the console (command line interface). You can change the delimiter to ‘/’ by executing the code below:

Execute the CREATE PROCEDURE code

Now you can type/copy your procedure code. An example procedure code is given below for your reference:

Note the last line of the procedure code. Your procedure will get executed only when you add the changed delimiter  / . If there are no issues with your code, your procedure will add successfully to the server.

Change to delimiter back to normal

You already added the procedure to the database, but make sure that you changed your delimiter back to the normal. Execute the following code for changing the delimiter to the default semicolon.


How to create a new branch in the GIT file repository

It is a common practice that you have to create a new branch for developing the new sprint (agile based development) or a new development phase. With GIT repository, it is very easy to create and work with new branch as you go.

Note: For windows developers, use CygWin for the command console. This will help you to create a virtual Linux like environment in windows system. Continue reading How to create a new branch in the GIT file repository